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Holdrege Public Schools | March 22, 2019

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6th Grade Bonus Inca Project

Betty Bricker

by Chloe Jones, Kenna Fulmer, and Alix Russell

For this bonus project we got to choose between building an Inca bridge, mask, and/or litter. We could make just one or all three. Everything was supposed to look as authentic as we could make it. We weren’t supposed to go out and buy supplies, we had to use supplies laying around the house, so we used cardboard and paper for the mountains. For the pulley system we used a rope and an American Girl Doll drawer for the basket. The landscape was made out of shredded blue paper, for the river, and rocks we found outside for the additional detail found on the mountain. Last but certainly not least the poles that hold up the pulley system was made out of two paint bottles stacked on top of each other, then covered with paper.

In the video we learned that the Inca bridges were used to get people and things to the other side of whatever the bridge was built across. If the Inca were trying to escape their enemies they could simply remove the basket from the basket bridge, leaving the enemies stranded on the other side.

We chose to make an Inca bridge because our first attempt on Machu Picchu failed miserably. The city was just to detailed to capture with our limited supplies. So we started thinking which other project we could  be the most creative with and we decided on a bridge.