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Holdrege Public Schools | September 20, 2021

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7th Grade Life Science is Studying Growth and Development of Organisms


by Tessa Konen

We are wrapping up our unit on Growth and Development of Organisms in 7th grade science. Throughout this unit, the students have done several labs to help them visualize what steps are all need for all different types of organisms to grow. The first section of the unit had students decide which conditions would be best for organisms to grow in, and then had them design a flower that would be most beneficial to an environment. This lab really allowed the students to show their creativity! The next section dealt with the actual growth of organisms and had students conduct different situations, deciding what would be the best outcome allowing organisms to be able to grow. The final two units covered photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Both of these sections had labs where students modeled the combining and breaking down of molecules in both of the processes. The photosynthesis section also had a really neat lab that allowed students to physically observed photosynthesis taking place within a test tube! Overall, science has been very interactive throughout this unit, and the students have really seemed to enjoy it!