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Holdrege Public Schools | March 22, 2019

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8th Grade Girl’s Basketball Fundraiser

Betty Bricker

by Tom Ridenour
The 8 th grade girl’s basketball team is asking you to help with our fundraiser.
No we are not selling candy, popcorn, or t-shirts. We are asking you to save
Coke Product Lids for us. Coke product lids have codes inside them. Each lid
is worth 5 cents. The team, will use the money from the fundraiser to help pay
for new shooting shirts for our team. The fundraiser will last all year. Any lids that
you collect for us, you may bring to the middle school office.
Here is a list of Coke products lids we want you to save for us.
Coke Fanta
Cherry Coke PowerAde
Coke Zero PowerAde Zero
Diet Coke Minute Maid
Sprite Mellow Yellow
From the above soda (pop) list:
12 pack Can carton ends (with codes)
24 pack Can carton side panels (with codes)
Dr. Pepper lids will NOT work
This summer and fall when you attend ballgames, family reunions, a picnic or
just have a refreshing drink, save those lids for us, please.
If you have any questions please contact Coach Tom Ridenour 308-991- 4198.