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Holdrege Public Schools | January 25, 2020

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Duster Union

James Reed
by Brook Bult
Student Council and the All About Kindness Club have combined this year and we have made some changes! Students were elected to the newly formed group- now called Duster Union- by being nominated by students and teachers. Then an election was held to choose 4 students from each grade to represent their classmates during biweekly meetings.
One focus of the group this year will be to be more inclusive. Therefore, all 5th graders and their parents have been invited to sign up for volleyball concessions here at the middle school. An email with a short explanation (check the top of the sign-up page) was sent out through sign-up genius last week. Check your junk mail folders if you missed it. We will progress through the other grades as we enter new athletic seasons, basketball, wrestling and track.
Plans are being made for activities including mix-it-up at lunch day, kindness projects, community service projects, dances, and assemblies. Pairs of students will be developing their ideas for projects each month, then sharing their plans with the rest of the Duster Union members who will implement those projects with their respective classes. We are excited to hear all their ideas and to see how this will make us a more supportive, kind and compassionate student body.