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Holdrege Public Schools | June 1, 2020

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Graduation Viewer Tips

James Reed

Remember, this will be a LIVE broadcast. We will start streaming at 1:45 so viewers can tune in and make sure everything is working. Graduation will start at 2:00.
Where to find the live stream: or download the Striv app on your mobile device.

Possible Issues: 1. The stream stops working (pauses or stops). Solution: refresh your browser. This can be caused by poor Internet service. Please watch a video that is available “On Demand” to see if your Internet is good enough to watch videos on our channel.

2. Browser issues: Striv works best in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. It may not work well in Internet Explorer, such as the “play” button not going away.

3. If you see the message, “Sorry, the school is not streaming currently,” then refresh your browser.

Please read the “DusterVision Viewer Information/Tips.”
We will make the video available after graduation on the Class of 2020 website:
Please do not wait until Sunday to try watching a video from our Striv site.
Mr. Reed