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Holdrege Public Schools | August 21, 2018

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Middle School Announcements

Allie Gustafson

Tuesday August 14, 2018

A Day
Lunch Today: Taco in a Bag, Over-Roasted Hot Dog
Lunch Tomorrow: Hearty Meatloaf, Chicken Nuggets

Happy Birthday to Brady Rightnar & Michael Golus

365 Days of Wonder: Be Kind and Carry on!

Handbook Trivia: All visitors must report to the office, upon entering the main entrance, to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass

Daily Announcement:
There will be a Volleyball Meeting for 7th graders on Wednesday the 15th after school in Mrs. Konen’s Room 114

There will be a Cross Country meeting today right after school in room 112

This year, our HMS staff has made a commitment to focus on the importance of SOCIAL MANNERS, These are the 10 skills that we want each student to know and practice throughout the year and carry with them into the future. Here are the first 2 for this week.
#1 Say, Please, when asking.
#2 Say Thank you, when receiving.

The following students need to see Mrs. Bult after school today to pick up their calendars- Clemens Skiles-Nitche, Owen Burgeson, Chloe Jones, Maycen Wilson, Nic Schrock, Rylee Smith.

Purple Hand Pledge – this is a pledge or a promise that you will say after you say the “PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.” The students will raise their right hand, turn to the person next to them and face them and say, “I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others.” Followed by affirming the pledge with a “HIGH 5” saying the phrase “#BE KIND!”

Today: 1:30 Dismissal
Tomorrow: 1:30 Dismissal