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Holdrege Public Schools | June 24, 2019

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Mix-It-Up at Lunch

Betty Bricker

by Jean Berreckman, Brook Bult & the Duster Union

We are Mixing it up!!!!!


This week the Duster Union planned an activity to Mix-It-Up at Lunch where students and staff had the opportunity to sit by other students and get to know them better. As they got in line for lunch, Mrs. Girard handed them a Halloween symbol, and the students went to the table with the matching symbol on a table tent.  While at the table, there was a table leader that had some fun questions to discuss. They all got to learn something new about the people they sat with.  Students had some great comments about the activity:  Autumn Erickson said “I liked it because you got to know the things that you didn’t know about your friends.”  Makenzie Nelson said, “I thought it was very good and I think we should do it again.”  Nicole Cruz said, “I thought it was fun and everyone got to know a little bit about someone.” Mya Fritson said , “At first it was a little awkward, but I thought it was fun to be with new people.”