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Holdrege Public Schools | December 10, 2018

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New Weather Station at Holdrege Elementary School

Christy Drews

Thanks to a grant from the Holdrege Public Schools Foundation, anyone can find out what the weather is doing right at the Holdrege Elementary School building.  Jill Stoelting, Media Specialist, submitted a grant last year for weather station equipment to give elementary students (and anyone else) real-time data about weather conditions right where they are learning.  A rain gauge was also purchased with grant money and  will be installed soon.

If you would like to access the Holdrege Elementary School weather station, you can go to the homepage of our website and click on HOLDREGE WEATHER on the right hand side and it will take you to the exact Weather Underground site. You can also access it directly through Weather Underground and use the app and select Holdrege Elementary as the site.

Various classes will be using the weather station and the data they gather in many different ways throughout the year.