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Holdrege Public Schools | July 8, 2020

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6th Grade Social Studies Classes Create Totem Poles

Betty Bricker

by Heidi Wells and Claire Maloley

The Sixth grade was studying the Northwest Coast Indians and created totem poles representing their families.  The following is an example by Claire Maloley of the animals she chose and explanations why.  

First of all, I chose an owl to symbolize wisdom. Our family shows wisdom since we strive for good grades. My dad is a veterinarian so he needs lots of classes to learn all of the needs to become a veterinarian.

I also chose a seal to symbolize brightness, organization, and inquisitivity. We show this by going through our items and separating them into bins to keep us organized. We symbolize inquisitivity by being curious and asking questions about things we see.

The last animal I chose was a beaver which symbolizes creativity. We show creativity by painting pumpkins and rocks as a family. At Christmas, my mom and I made a DIY wreath with straws and bows! I treasure everything we do as a family.