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Holdrege Public Schools | January 23, 2022

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Middle School

Appreciation Breakfast

November 15, 2019

by Jean Berreckman

Mrs. Fiene’s Fantastic 14 QT (Quality Time) Family showed their appreciation this morning by bringing in breakfast and inviting the HMS office staff, kitchen and custodial staff.  Her group wanted to express their sincere gratitude for all … Read More

HMS Artists Create Sculptures

November 6, 2019

by Brandy Edgren

In Individual  Art this quarter, students are exploring the work of modern painter/sculptor, Nikki de Saint Phalle. She did monumental sculptures often focusing on the abstract female form.  Her sculptures were full of bright color and  … Read More

Halloween Craft Club

November 6, 2019

by Mary Schneider

About 15 fifth and sixth-graders had a fun time at craft club in October. The craftsters had a choice of painting a ghost, Frankenstein, or jack-o-lantern. There was a nice variety with many different facial expressions painted. After … Read More

Parent Information: Keep Your Kids Safe On Social Media

November 6, 2019

by Jean Berreckman

Download and read the information below to find out how to keep your kids safe while using social media:

smartphone_safety-1Download Internet-Safety-for-Parents-—-Print-Version-KidsHealthDownload How-Will-Future-Well-Being-Be-Impacted-By-Technology- 4176165_printDownload Cyberbullying-for-Parents-—-Print-Version-KidsHealthDownload Sexting-What-Parents-Need-to-Know-for-Parents-—-Print-Version-KidsHealthDownload How-to-spot-anxiety-and-stress-in-children-620518_printDownload

Read More

Coke Lid Contest Winners

October 2, 2019

by Tom Ridenour

These Holdrege Middle Students who were the winners of the Coca Cola Lid Contest:  Bottom row:  Curtis Eschen, Esperanza Juarez, Emily Sander, Mason Clements. Back row:  Lexie Wriight, Avery Hurlbert and Paisley Ord, Nick Weides and … Read More

QT Families at HMS

September 27, 2019

by Jean Berreckman

Quality Time or QT Family time – Each HMS student is in family group.   There are approximately 12-14 students in the group, it’s a mixture of boys and girls and different grades.  We have twenty-five family … Read More

Come Shop At Our Young Entrepreneurs’ Business

September 24, 2019

by Chris Karn

The 5th grade students in Mrs. Karn’s Entrepreneur Class, have been working on starting new businesses. Teaching students entrepreneurship skills is more than just coming up with an idea and then starting a business.  The students learn … Read More

Art Conveys Important Message

September 18, 2019

by Brandy Edgren

Students this year in art are being asked to think deeper than ever before.  Mrs. Edgren’s personal goal is to engage students in cognitively complex tasks. To do this, she is asking students to make their … Read More

5th Grade Science Classes Demonstrate Food Chains

September 12, 2019

by Melissa Ericksen

Food chains are taking place all around us all the time.  Last week the 5th grade science students had the opportunity to demonstrate a live food chain.  All the energy for their food chains began with … Read More

6th Grade Science Studies Levels of Organization

September 12, 2019

by Brandon Hanika

Students in 6th grade are currently learning about topics in Life Science to start the school year.  We have looked at several different items to identify the presence of cells, and have even seen plankton on … Read More