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Holdrege Public Schools | July 14, 2024

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Holdrege FFA Competes at District 6 Fall CDE Contest

James Reed

November 29, 2023

The District 6 Livestock & Fall Career Development Events were held November 29th in Kearney at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds. Thirty-three students from the Holdrege Ag Education Program participated in these contests.

Many Holdrege students competed in the Livestock Evaluation Contest. Students evaluated and placed classes of breeding and market cattle, sheep, hogs, and goats based on sound production practices. In addition to placing classes, students answered a set of questions on three groups of animals, presented up to three sets of oral reasons to judges based on how they ranked the class, and took a general knowledge test on many aspects of the livestock industry.

Jett Johnson was the highest placing FFA member, receiving 4th place. The Holdrege Junior Team of Jett Johnson, Cooper Lindstrom (28th), Curtis Eschen (40th), and Aldyn Hadley (55th) earned 6th place overall and qualified for State Competition. Other Junior division contestants that were in the top half

of the contest that saw over two hundred competitors included: Reese Hodge, Cael Schmidt, Katelyn Weekly, and Zach Ptacnik. Other competitors included: Jacob Moon, Connor Tilson, Haley Kunz, Quincy Bell, Kambryn Vaughn, Claire Maloley, Ava Kaenel, and Tad Dossett.

In the Senior Division contest of ninety competitors, Duster FFA Members Chase Brinkman and Jaren Moore competed, with Chase Brinkman placing 32nd overall.

Competing in the Ag Biotechnology Career Development Event were FFA members Charli Wells, Nick Taylor, Derrek Marquardt and Clay Maloley. For this contest, students took a written test over the biotech industry and science and identified tools used in the practice. Finally, competitors completed a group research presentation on the genetically engineered Rainbow Papaya. The team received 3rd place overall with Charli Wells getting 1st place and a purple ribbon individually. Derrek Marquardt placed 8th and Clay Maloley placed 10th, both earning blue ribbons.

For the first time in many years, Holdrege FFA members competed in the Floriculture contest. Competitors took a written knowledge exam, an identification test, and designed two floral arrangements as a group. Competing members were Amelia Ptacnik, Julia Rust, Keeley Vaughn, and Aurora Tidyman. The team placed seventh overall, with Aurora Tidyman placing 13th and earning a purple ribbon. Amelia Ptacnik placed 15th, Julia Rust placed 17th, and Keeley Vaughn 21st, all earning blue ribbons.

Jett Johnson, Cooper Lindstrom, Curtis Eschen, and Aldyn Hadley

Clay Maloley, Derrek Marquardt, Nick Taylor, and Charli Wells