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Holdrege Public Schools | December 4, 2023

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Mrs. Amber Kellen Receives BEYOND Award

James Reed

Congratulations to Amber Kellen, Special Education Teacher at Holdrege Elementary School, for her recent BEYOND award in Special Education this semester!

Mrs. Kellen was nominated by her colleagues for this award. Here are a few excerpts from what they said in the nomination:

“Mrs. Kellen works endlessly on schedules and takes it all in stride.”

“I learned so much from her about behavior and continue to learn special education tips and tricks from her.”

“She is ALWAYS willing to help! I would like to add that she spends hours working with paras and scheduling. This is a lot of extra on top of all her students.”

“I think she brainstorms a lot of little things to improve student behavior, to make sure that they are being served in the best way possible. Things that the rest of us may not even think to consider. Her mind is always set on doing what is best for our kids.”

Mrs. Kellen is a leader in our district and works hard to collaborate with others. She has worked very hard over the years to improve the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children. Rather than complaining, she consistently pulls up her sleeves and does her best to make things work. She gives her heart and always goes above and beyond for her students!

Mrs. Kellen receiving the BEYOND award from Mrs. Orr.